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Watikla Entertainment company limited was incorporated in the year 2011 under the company and Allied Matters act 1990 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. At Watikla, our sales plan is straight forward. We usually sell our films in the three major ways that are common with film distribution. These are:

Box Office/Ticket Sales

Cinema tickets would be sold nationwide. The film would be screened at various cinemas around the country. Cinema companies would sell tickets to end users and a percentage direct from the ticket sales would be remitted to our company. The percentage paid from Ticket sales by Cinema companies in Nigeria is usually 30%.

DVD Sales

DVDs of our films would be produced and sold to the public. This would be after six (6) months that our respective films have been premiered at the Cinemas. This sales type involves the use of both major and minor DVD sales vendors. Middlemen are the Vendors. They (DVD Wholesalers) are the ones to hire or engage retailers to sell out in films in DVDs to the Public. Percentages of the final sales price is industry standard.

Broadcast Rights

Another major sales and revenue type for film producer, is the sale of broadcast rights to digital satellite broadcast companies for a time period. There are many digital Satellite broadcast companies. They purchase broadcast rights from film producers regular. Movies/ Films forms a major content, offered to their esteemed customers.

The lack of professionalism in the Entertainment industry has made it imperative for our effective strategizing and creative ingenuity in a relatively competitive market. Some of the other services we render are:

  • Business Research
    and Development

  • Marine water services

  • Cinema Services

  • Distribution

  • Corporate Consultancy

  • Project Evaluation
    and Assessments

  • Production Logistics

Our Features

Below are some of the services we render to the world of entertainment.

Cinema Services

Movie Directing

Production Logistics

Project Evaluation and Assessments

Corporate Consultancy Services

Business Research and Development

Our Crew

Meet some of the brains behind our succes story.

Eddie E Essang


Oluremi E Vaughan-Richards


Keppy Ekpeyong


Philip Mmuo


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